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the story so far

Many moons ago, when I landed in Dubai to start a new career I was sorrounded by supportive friends.

Having to go through a new but rigorous journey of grinding practical life, at times, I broke down emotionally, felt confused or clueless, waiting for some miracle to happen in my favour. And then I found a person, who like an angel, charted my path of success and made everything possible for me. And thus I could manage to properly settle down in Dubai.

Time flew under the sun and over the moon, and one day while I was sitting with my friends, thinking about that angel who did everything for me, I decided to give him a name The Godfather.


Vision came into existence from there to do something for the people who equally needed the guidance and supported once I had got. And I decided to Start Cafe Godfather Syndicate.

The Cafe Godfather Syndicate is committed to spend some part of the net profit to help needy children’s nourishment, their education and also to support in the arrangements of poor girls’ marriage.

Here I would like to make my every customer The Godfather because whoever will spend even single rupee in the Café that money will be the part of the profit of the café which will be used to fulfill the commitment of the Café to the Society.

And now, I would like to mention the names of the friends and well-wishers who gave gravitas to this vision and help me realize this beautiful dream

Thanks to Syed Masood Naqvi Civil Engineer Dubai who was always available to create and develop and design the concept of Café to provide Hygienic & Tasty Fast Food to the Customers in Aligarh. 

At the end I and my local operator Mr Sahil Khan would like to thank Almighty God and my wife Shazia, daughter Kanza and All the friends N relatives to bring this concept into realty.